High school can be hard, but students always find a way to simplify it.  These days, there are resources everywhere (thank God!), including hundreds of applications on our cellphones. Here are The Bite’s top recommendations:


Hallå! Ciao! Γειά σου! Hej! Здравствуйте! こんにちは!

Duolingo is perfect for students who want to learn a brand new language. According to the app’s website, they know that everyone learns at their own pace; and because of this, they have created the app with the most effective educational system possible. Duolingo has a variety of lessons. You practice speaking, listening and translating. If you are in the need of practice or simply interested, this app is for you.

Price: Free

Available on the App Store, Windows Store and Google Play, https://www.duolingo.com/


MyHomework is a great app for people who need help with organization. Write down any homework, tests, presentations or projects, and the app will remind you to complete the task. MyHomework also lays out all the tasks onto a calendar and also shows the classes you have on certain days. This app is a great replacement for planners. It can sync with any electronic devices such as a tablet, phone and computer (both Mac and Windows), and will include the same information anywhere, anytime.

Price: Free, Premium account (with no ads, all themes, file attachments and app widgets) $4.99/year.

Available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, https://myhomeworkapp.com/


Peak is an app designed to “make lifelong progress enjoyable.” This app has small challenges and games for you to improve certain parts of your brain. Peak improves your memory, problem solving, language skills, mental agility, focus, emotions and coordination. The company uses a combination of neuroscience, technology and fun to get the grey cells active. It is a great app for your brain to focus on areas that need help, to make you strive for a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

Price: Free, Pro account (24 additional games with unlimited access, more insights of your performance, 16 additional workouts including a personalized workout and many more) $2.92/month or $34.99/year.

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play, http://www.peak.net/

Photo Math

Photo Math is “one of the world’s most popular mobile educational apps” as written on the App Store. It is one of the top 5 educational apps on both IOS and Android app stores. Photo Math scans a math problem and shows you how to solve it step-by-step. If you have trouble with math, don’t understand an equation or simply want to check the steps, this app is for you. You can use this app to check your homework or in-class exercises.

Price: Free

Available on the App Store and Google Play, https://photomath.net/en/


Quizlet is an app that can help you study smart, fast and efficiently. Their mission is to help students and teachers practice and master whatever they are learning. The app allows you to create your own set of note cards and study at your own pace. According to Cookieyjm, a user of this app, “Quizlet is a very easy app to use, and you can make your own study sets and use them whenever. Also the different methods of studying is very helpful.” The app is engaging, customizable and can sync to your own account.

Price: Free

Available on the App Store and Google Play, https://quizlet.com/goodbye