With the end of the school year around the corner, everyone is preparing for change. And even though our community is somewhat used to that, the current pandemic makes saying “goodbye” to this year’s leaving staff especially difficult.

To get some sense of closure, The Bite reached out to leaving teachers to find out where they’re going next and what they’ll miss most about AISB.

Ms. Bock

Ms. Bock has taught Secondary English and TOK at AISB for five years. She will be going to Vietnam next, and says she will greatly miss her “many fabulous colleagues!” and Romania’s beautiful seasons. We wish her the best of luck!

Mrs. Cain

Mrs. Cain (far left) at a PAWS service learning trip to Dog Rose dog shelter.

Mrs. Cain has been in Learning Support at AISB for four years. She doesn’t know exactly where she’ll be going next quite yet, but shares she’ll miss “teaching and learning math with my students and colleagues!”

Mr. Cain

Principal's Welcome - American International School of Bucharest

Mr. Cain was AISB’s Secondary Principal for 4 years. He’s unsure where he’ll be headed for the moment. He’ll miss the “Different challenge every day…”

Ms. Connolly

Ms. Connolly taught English Language and Literature at AISB for 4 years, but she will be leaving for New Brunswick, Canada, with her husband, Mr. Powers. “I will miss my students so much, especially because our year was interrupted. I will miss the incredible connections that have formed over the past 4 years.”

Mr. Powers

Mr. Powers and Ms. Connolly.

Mr. Powers has taught English Language Acquisition for 4 years at AISB. Along with Ms. Connolly, he’ll be heading to Canada. The thing he’ll miss most: his students.

Mr. Donham

Mr. Donham (front, center) on the Grade 6 trip in 2018.

Mr. Donham taught Humanities for grades 6 & 7. He’s been at AISB for 6 years, and will be going to Guangzhou, China. He’ll miss “the freedom with which students speak their mind (when it is done so respectfully).”

Ms. Finnell

Ms. Finnell and students in the library.

Ms. Finnell has been a Grade 6 & 7 Counselor at AISB for 5 years. She is hoping to leave for Shanghai, China. “I will miss this amazing community of students, parents, and colleagues that I have been so lucky to be part of.  I will miss secret handshakes, dad jokes, and laughs with my students. I cannot wait to see all the amazing things they will do in the future!”

Mr. Girardin

Mr. Girardin used to teach MYP and DP French, along with TOK. He taught at AISB for 2 years, and he’ll be taking a sabbatical year in Zanzibar (good for him!). He mentions he’ll greatly miss “greeting students in the morning.”

Ms. Lloyd

Ms. Lloyd (right) and Ms. Schock, when they coached the MS boys team.

Ms. Lloyd taught Grade 7 Math at AISB for a year, and is now leaving for Vienna. She will be greatly missing “The people I worked with in the math department.”

Ms. Marlowe

Ms. Marlowe in the school library.

Ms. Marlowe was a Secondary Librarian at AISB for 2 years. She’ll be leaving for Houston, Texas, and she shares she’ll greatly miss AISB’s wonderful students.

Ms. Nicastro

Ms. Nicastro taught Spanish (MYP) and French (DP) for one year. She plans on remaining in Europe, and she says she’ll miss “The camaraderie with colleagues, time and jokes shared with them during our meetings, students, some good conversation with some of them, the great relationships with my grade 11 and the tons of laughs, and lots of learning on both sides of the desk.”

Ms. Novac

Ms. Novac has been teaching French at AISB for 3 years. “As for what I’m doing next year, I’m taking some time (in these crazy times that we are living in) to see where it will take me. What I will miss most about AISB will be all the students I’ve taught! I was the luckiest of teachers as I had wonderful students that have impressed me to the core. I have learned so much from them and would love to keep in touch with all of them!”

Mr. O’Grady

Mr. O’Grady taught MYP & DP Secondary Music at AISB for 2 years, and he is now moving back to Hong Kong. He shares he will miss the students the most! 

Ms. Sutton

Ms. Sutton taught Science and Physics at AISB for 3 years, and she will be leaving for Hong Kong. She will miss: “People dropping into the lab to say hello, G8 team brunches on meeting days, hallway catch ups with students past and present, AND the fabulous flat whites made by Ms. Mihaela in the cafe ;)”

Ms. Williams

Ms. Williams, along with her daughters, Lois and Naomi.

Ms. Williams taught MYP Drama and DP Theatre, and was a Grade 7 Team Leader & Theatre Manager at AISB for 5 years. She is hoping to leave for Scotland. “I will miss working in a good-sized theatre with a professional technician and amazing colleagues who always have my back. I will miss the enthusiastic students, especially the ones that sign up eagerly for school productions and collaborate so well with each other to produce great shows. I will miss the leadership team as they’ve been wonderful, understanding, and compassionate people.”

Ms. Young

Ms. Young along with Ms. Finnell.

Ms. Young was a Grade 8 and 9 Counselor at AISB for two years. She’s still unsure of where she’s going (“on an adventure!”), but she knows she’ll be missing “All of the wonderful students and my wonderful colleagues!”

We also wish Ms. Ingrid and Ms. Deanna the best of luck in their new adventures. Even though the current conditions don’t leave space for a heartfelt goodbye, The Bite wishes all of AISB’s teachers and staff all the best in the new chapters of their life. They will all be missed!

Tell us: do you have any treasured memories or funny encounters with the teachers/staff leaving this year? If so, please share below.