Last Friday from 1:05-1:40, middle and high school students took the stage (or, atrium floor) to perform for their peers, during the school’s first-ever Lunch Lounge.

MYP Music Teacher and leader of the event Courtney McDonald (along with the Arts Council), was very happy with how it went, stating that, “There was a great range of talents that students shared. I was glad that the students were willing to put themselves out there to perform.”

Here’s a look at who performed (information about the next Lunch Lounge at the end of the article):

AISB’s high school rock band Cobalt Dream kicked everything off, with a wicked rendition of “Bath Salts” by Highly Suspect.


Next up was Filip from Grade 7, with a rather impressive magic trick. He was not only able to guess Razvan’s card , but also display it on his phone!


Phoebe from Grade 6 showed off her beautiful singing voice, with the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. We hope to hear more from her soon.


Malina from Grade 11 performed a stand-up comedy routine about Halloween in Romania. We were so impressed with her confidence (and also that line about “sexy Optimus Prime”!).


Luca from Grade 7 tickled the ivories like a professional, playing “Somewhere in time” by John Barry on the piano.


To wrap up, Doga from Grade 8 played something you wouldn’t normally associate with the piano: SAD! By XXXTentacion. And it was awesome.


Bravo to all the performers. We can’t wait until the next Lunch Lounge, tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 13th. Stay tuned for the signup form, which will be posted on The Vampire Diaries and sent out via ManageBac.