In celebration of Halloween, AISB organized a “spirit week” for students to have some fun and demonstrate their school spirit. Each day had its own theme for students and teachers alike to take part in. Here’s a look into how it went.

Pajama Day

On Monday, students and teachers were encouraged to come to school in their favorite pajamas. Some students chose to dress in a full pajama outfit, while others only brought their blankets, slippers or comfy shoes.

Crazy Hair Day

If you’re passionate about hairstyling, chances are you would have liked Tuesday’s crazy hair day. This time, students and teachers were prompted to come to school with the most absurd hairstyle they could think of. While some took this as an opportunity to dye their hair crazy colors, others took a more “open-minded” approach.

Twin Day

This Wednesday required students and teachers to dress up in the same clothes as someone else. If you’ve ever accidentally bought the same shirt or pair of shoes as one of your friends, this was the one day to wear them to school!

Halloween Costume Day

On Thursday, the 31st of October, the middle and high school lobbies were full of amazing looking costumes, all varying in how scary they all were. From zombies, werewolves, vampires and all the way to witches, the AISB community dressed up in the most iconic and memorable costumes.

House Color Day

Lastly, Friday was house color day, where the goal was for students and teachers to come to school wearing clothing that matched the color of their house teams. The four house colors are red, blue, orange and purple, and students went all out to participate.

(Sorry, no photos for this day, unfortunately. We blame it on the fact that it was Friday!)

Spirit Week Photo Summary

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