This Friday during lunch, members of the Kiva service learning group are challenging the traditional bake sales, in hopes that we can change how we view fundraising at AISB.

“We’re trying to be creative and do something different,” says Group Leader Raquel G. “Most of the bake sales have pancakes and waffles, which is okay, but we want to change this and to start providing healthier options to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

That’s great, but what is Kiva?

Kiva is a non-profit organization organization that helps lend money to low-income entrepreneurs in over 80 countries. The group’s mission is to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

Anyone can donate via Kiva’s website (they accept donations as little as $25 USD) and can browse by categories (see below). You will see anyone from students needing to borrow money for tuition to farmers needing help to buy seeds to help feed their community.

Now that you know where your money’s going, what kind of smoothies are for sale?

The service learning group will be set up outside the cafeteria on April 5th during lunch tomorrow, preparing fresh smoothies made to order. Here’s the menu:

Yellow Packs Mango, passion fruit, pineapple
Red packsStrawberry, blueberry, raspberry
Green packsSpinach, kiwi, banana

Smoothies will be mixed with fresh juice and will cost 5 lei each (for a 7 oz cup).

All money will go to people that need it, so make sure to stop by the smoothie stand, outside the cafeteria on 5th of April!