To start the year off with a bang and celebrate the revival of live theatre post-COVID-19 pandemic, new MYP/DP Theatre teacher Jamie Cant and a team of secondary students are putting on a production of Alfred Hitchcock’s famous 1935 film: The 39 Steps.

Poster created by Mr Marty Lawless and Ms Jennifer Lawless

It will be complete with singing, dancing, and accompaniment from AISB’s Jazz Band. There will be musical solos from students Megan L, Melanie N, Evelyn S, and Smaranda M. All of the costumes have been generously provided by Castel Film Studios.

AISB’s Jazz Band. Photo by Nichita C

The 39 Steps follows a notorious fugitive, played by 12th-grader Vaida Z, and a spunky, spellbound heroine from a London music hall, played by 10th-grader Megan L, as they travel through Scotland’s most remote highlands. Chases, escapes, crashes, and a death-defying finale ensues.

Will they save Britain from a den of devious spies? You can find out for yourself on November 17th at 4:30 and November 18th at 6:30 in AISB’s main theatre. Tickets are free and all are welcome.

Students Taking the Lead

Photo by Nichita C

Along with direction from Cant, this year’s production will be student lead, with students taking on the roles of choreographers, lighting technicians, sound engineers, and additional direction.

Choreographers Smaranda M and Evelyn S leading a practice. Photo by Nichita C.

Cant believes that allowing the students to take the reins has given the production an injection of confidence and energy. “I see so much self-improvement and self-development [in the cast and crew] that then enhances the experience of everyone around them,” he says.

Jamie Cant photographed by Nichita C

“I really love the engagement of everyone in the show, I love the direction the team is taking, and the passion behind it and I love how everyone is involved, putting their time and effort on Saturdays, Thursdays, and anytime we can,” says leading man Vaida Z. “Honestly, I think it’s going to be an amazing show and I encourage everyone to come and watch.”

Photo by Nichita C

During an assembly on November 1st, 9th and 10th-grade students got a preview of what to expect in a scene choreographed by Smaranda M with a solo of “My Angel Put The Devil in Me” by Melanie N.

“Melanie’s performance was so incredible that I thought it was a recording. I will definitely be going to the play after seeing that.”

Calin P, Grade 10

See you on November 17th and 18th to celebrate the hard work and talent of AISB’s production team!