From March 1st to March 5th, AISB’s Amnesty International students will host Human Rights Week, in an effort to “recognize and learn about fundamental human rights from our multinational community.”

The week-long event will be held online (view the website here), with a variety of initiatives taking place each day. Group Leader Mara T states that the goal of this week is to “spark conversation and raise awareness around important topics. Our school needs this event because students need to be aware of their rights, as well as their privilege.” 

Here’s a look at what you can expect this week:

Day 1 (Mon, Mar 1st): Police Brutality & Freedom of Speech 

The first day of Human Rights Week will start off with an online film-screening session that will await you during lunch (from 11:45 to 12:30). This set of documentaries, including a short movie produced by 9th graders Maja W and Karina K, will provide a starting point for our discussion on police brutality and freedom of speech, both within Romania and across the world. 

This is meant “to educate people on the importance of valuing freedom of speech and safety, as well as helping people understand how these topics are much more of a global issue than expected,” says 9th grade Amnesty Member Luca M. “Clearing perceptions surrounding these issues is a key aspect to raising awareness.”

Day 2 (Tues, Mar 2nd): Human Trafficking 

Since the launch of FACT (AISB’s Human Trafficking Service Group), members have cleared up misconceptions on modern-day slavery, explained ways to identify signs of trafficking, and even shared powerful stories about trafficked victims. On Tuesday during lunch, the group will hold a meeting and presentation for interested students.

“Last year was a catalyst for an anti-trafficking movement in AISB,” says the day’s organizer David S. He hopes the momentum continues this Tuesday.

Day 3 (Wed, Mar 3rd): My Body, My Rights 

“My Body My Rights” campaign, from Amnesty International.

Wednesday will begin with a presentation on Amnesty’s campaign, “My Body My Rights,” which will unravel what it means to claim ownership of your body. There will also be an anonymous survey where you can ask questions about this campaign for group members to answer later on in their lunch Zoom session

Mia’s Children student-leaders, Georgia M. and Luana O. will join the session, in hopes to “uncover some of the false impressions on women’s rights in Romania and the need of gender equality to lift families out of poverty. “

Day 4 (Thurs, Mar 4th): Children’s Rights 

Thursday during lunch, Mia’s Children will broaden their focus and join us on Zoom with a presentation elaborating on their role in campaigning for children’s rights. This will be followed by an inspirational interview lead by Fundatia Inocenti service group, with a social worker from Romanian Children’s Relief Organization.

When asked about her outlook on the upcoming Human Rights Week, Daria M, one of Fundatia Inocenti’s student leaders, reveals “It is inspiring to see the next generation of change-makers cultivate awareness and acknowledge human hardships in the fight for equity.”

Day 5 (Fri, Mar 5th): LGBTQ+ & Sex Ed at AISB

Image source: @acceptromania.

Human Rights Week will leave you with aspirations for change. Friday during lunch, you will get the chance to understand what it means to be an LGBTQ+ ally, the various forms of sex-education for middle school and high school, and engage in conversations surrounding inclusivity.

“I feel honored that Amnesty members wanted to include our group in Friday’s discussions,” says High School Pride Advisor Jennifer Stevens. “We’re hoping that people come to the Zoom meeting with the desire to better understand the LGBTQ+ community. This is the first step in developing empathy and positive change in our school culture.”

The Amnesty International members worked hard to pull off another online Human Rights Week, and they’d like to encourage you to take a moment to explore all the possible webinars & online discussions that you can join. Visit the official Human Rights Week website for more information, Zoom links and recorded meetings.