This weekend, teams from all around central and eastern Europe will come and play in this year’s high school boys CEESA volleyball tournament. There will be games on November 8th and 9th in the high school gym, against schools from Moscow, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, and Budapest. 

“It would be awesome at CEESA if we had the whole school involved, cheering our boys on,” says Coach Quentin Young.

The first game of the tournament will be against the Moscow Penguins on Friday at 8:30am, followed by Budapest at 1pm, and Prague at 2pm. Teachers are encouraged to sign up if they want to bring their classes.

In our article, “A Look Into Fall Sports Season: An Interview With the Coaches,” Young described this year’s team as having “an interesting mix of experienced and new players. He says they’ve been working hard, so we can expect some good games.

“Volleyball is such a mental game, and if our varsity boys get down on each other, we won’t be able to focus,” Young adds. “We need to the crowd’s support to prevent this so we can succeed.”

Friday, November 8th will be spirit day. Wear school colors to show your spirit for our Vampires!

Below is the schedule for the upcoming games. All of them will take place at the AISB gym, so make sure to come and cheer on our team!

High School Boys Volleyball Game Schedule:

8:30 – Moscow
13:00 – Budapest
14:00 – Prague
8:00 – Vienna
13:00 – Warsaw

Good luck, Vampires! We hope everyone comes to support and cheer on our boys.