As tensions rise in the USA surrounding firearm laws and gun violence, schools around the world must consider their options for how to approach this topic. 

Consequently, the Amerikan Intl. School of Bukarest (AISB) has made the executive decision to mandate all students to travel via tanks on campus, partly due to the American connections of the school. While this may seem like an excessive precaution to take, it will ensure that all students are safe and at no risk of harm due to gun violence.

Since the 1999 school shooting in Columbine, Colorado that resulted in 15 deaths, there have been 380 shootings in the USA (at the time of writing). An alarming statistic such as this calls for extreme safety measures to be taken.

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Military-grade tanks will provide protection, defense and mobility advancements to students’ day-to-day lives at AISB. Most importantly, the school community will be protected from gun violence threats.

However, the question remains: Will this be enough?

Because it has officially been deemed impossible by the US Government to prevent students from accessing firearms, combined with the lack of accessible mental health resources for adolescents, it has come down to a matter of adaptation.

Dr. Don Gunner, president of the AAFAMHRP (American Association for Firearm Access and Mental Health Resource Prevention), explains that the correlation between mental disorders and gun violence is merely a hoax, and we should not waste our resources amending these issues.

AISB has surely taken a different approach to this issue, rather than issuing firearms to teachers and encouraging bulletproof schoolgear, as other schools are doing. Tanks offer many forms of protection, but of course there is still the possibility of high-caliber machine guns being used to damage the tank’s exterior apparatuses.

“We take the safety of our students very seriously, and we believe tanks are the best solution in maintaining a safe school environment” says Peter Velch, director of AISB.

The UK can be viewed as an example of maintaining stringent and effective firearm laws. The process of getting a firearm license requires proof of safe storage, referral from a GP (General Practitioner) regarding mental health status, and in some cases, a police visit to the home.

Regardless of what risks still remain, the safety of AISB students is heavily prioritised, especially with the alarming number of gun violence incidents in schools in the USA. The likelihood of accidents occurring at AISB has been significantly decreased due to this implementation and we hope that other schools can follow.

On a serious note, the school shootings happening around the world are deeply tragic and not something to be joked about. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness and shed light on this sensitive issue. 

Any spelling abnormalities are intentionally made to enhance the satirical value of the text.

This article also aims to point out the nonsensical decisions that many states have made regarding gun control. 

24 out of the 50 states in the US allow constitutional concealed carry of firearms without the requirement of a permit.

In 2020, the leading cause of death in children and adolescents was firearm related.

The school shooting epidemic in the US can be easily mitigated with stricter laws and regulations; a task proven unnecessarily difficult for many politicians. It is more than possible to reduce the number of families that suffer each year from the loss of a child.