AISB Director Robert Brindley recently decided to implement a new dress code that includes uniforms and specific hairstyles for both boys and girls.

While Brindley was absent from school to complete his surgery in Vienna, he visited the Vienna International School (VIS), where all students must wear uniforms. He was inspired by how the uniforms promoted unity and school spirit.

“This dress code will be added to the school catalogue next week and will be put it in use the first week after the winter break,” says Brindley.

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Girls will wear a white button-down shirt, a green tie, and a green suit jacket – as well as a dark gray pleated shirt, going over the knees.


Boys will wear the same top as girls, and a pair of gray pants and black dress shoes.





“I also decided to make changes to the hairstyles; girls should have their hair tied back at all times, and boys should have short hair,” Brindley adds.

Brindley is open to discuss any disagreements on this change. “I am willing to receive any emails from the students that have any problems with my decision. I want this school to have a responsible and well-organized environment.”


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