Autumn is here, and with it comes a harvest! This Saturday, November 23rd, from 11am-4pm, the PTO is hosting AISB’s annual “Harvest Festival”– a celebration of international food and culture.

To find out what to expect, we asked PTO President Kimberly Wright some questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: First, the question everyone is asking: Why is the Harvest Festival on Saturday this year?

A: The format from last year had students, teachers, and staff eat lunch in the cafeteria and then after, walking through the lines of cultural food. The feedback was that it seemed to be a bit of a waste as people were eating twice.

Plus, it also left out student families as it was during the school day. Most harvest celebrations globally revolve around fellowship – young and old all relaxing, eating, and enjoying one another’s company as well as an aspect of giving. So, we moved it to Saturday.

The Canada table last year (hence the maple syrup!).

Q: What activities will there be on Saturday?

A: It is a 3-in-1 event. First, there is a potluck lunch from 12pm – 4 pm. There are no tickets to buy; we just ask that everyone bring a dish of your favorite food, drop it off in the cafeteria when you arrive (before noon), and then share in the dishes that others bring – just like you would to a friend’s home. It is casual, relaxed and fun.

Lunch begins at noon, so if you arrive closer to 11am, after you drop off your dish, you can do your holiday shopping in the atrium and hallways with the arts & crafts vendors from 11am-4 pm. 

The third part of the event is a real showstopper! The “Turkeybowl” promises to be big fun as secondary students will compete to win the Turkeybowl trophy and points for their houses. The American flag-football tournament will run from 1-3 pm. If you want to play, please get in touch with Mr. Hughes (or sign up on this form before noon on Saturday). 

Even if you have never ever played before, you can totally do it now and it is co-ed (girls and boys will be mixed on the teams). Come play or come out and cheer on your housemates!

We know this flag football picture wasn’t taken from AISB, but seriously, how cute? (Image source:

Q: Who can come?

A: All Vampire families, young and old, teachers, staff, maintenance, guards, housekeeping…everyone can sit, eat and be together. Visitors are also welcome as long as they are signed up with the receptionist, Nicoleta, in advance and bring a valid ID.

Q: To be more environmentally friendly, should we bring our own tableware?

A: The PTO applauds the incentives from the Secondary Eco Student Council and so does Flavours. So, they are kindly lending PTO their dishes, cups, and cutlery from the cafeteria. But, feel free to bring [reusable] water bottles if you want to walk around with your drink while you eat, shop and play! 

We are also working with Molly Jobin who assists Hospice Casa Sperantei to box up and freeze any food that is leftover from the Harvest Festival, so nothing will go to waste.

Some of last year’s parents, displaying their homemade treats.

Q: What is the hope of this year’s Harvest Festival?

A: Our hope in PTO is that Harvest Festival will be a time for us all to come together as one big, happy Vampire family and have some fun!

Thank you to the PTO for throwing this event, and to Kimberly Wright for the interview. We are looking forward to Saturday!

Tell us: What are you most looking forward to eating on Saturday? Comment below to start a conversation–our favorite type of conversation–about food!