This year’s Earth Day falls during our spring holiday, so AISB’s Earth Week will take place when we return, from Tuesday April 26th to Friday the 29th.

The initiative will be spearheaded by the Eco Council, Outdoor Ed, the AISB Garden Community and Roots & Shoots.

“The goal for this year’s week-long event is to raise awareness  and generate environmental action within AISB and the wider CEESA community and celebrate World Earth Day,” explains Eco Council Student Leader, Gaby W.

Each day will have different activities, speakers and workshops designed by both councils and student body volunteers. So with that being said, this is what to expect.

Tuesday the 26th: Meatless Tuesday and the Call to Ban Plastic Bags 

First, the big news: AISB will be completely meat-free on Tuesday, April 26th. The Eco Council, AISB Garden Community, and Stradale have collaborated to offer a vegetarian pasta lunch and vegetarian snacks in an effort to “explore a shift from a largely animal agriculture-based menu to a more sustainable, vegetarian, flexitarian, plant and vegetable-based diet.” 

In addition, advisories will read an interview between Mr. Whitney from the AISB Garden Community and Mr. Octavian Stoica, Manager at Stradale. The conversation will be available on The Bite and will explore the ways AISB manages food waste.

In the afternoon, the Eco Council is hopeful that the environmental leader and co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Melati Wijsen, will be a guest speaker via Zoom, but it is not yet confirmed. Watch her Ted Talk below, with fellow activist Isabel.

Wednesday the 27th: Wear Green & Support Reusable Cotton Bags 

The Eco Council has designed a logo for reusable tote bags, which they are printing on ethically-sourced cotton, from Cotton Bag Co, and selling for 15 lei. The group will put out a link on Vampire Diaries for pre-order and the funds will go towards future eco-friendly projects hosted by the Eco Council.

There will also be a Padlet about “animals in your backyard” made by Roots and Shoots. The idea is to post a picture of you wearing green or any animals that you see that day. 

Thursday the 28th: Environmental Kahoot, Posters, & Planning  

During homeroom, there will be a Kahoot made by Emma B from Roots and Shoots about the environment, with questions ranging from “what does eco-friendly mean?” to “How many animals die from plastic every year?” and “What animals are most likely to go extinct in 2022?”.

Marko G, in collaboration with Roots and Shoots, will be running an eco-friendly poster competition with the elementary students that will span the rest of the week. Each homeroom will join in and submit their entries on a slideshow, and the winners will get to set up bird boxes around the school campus.

Mr. Whitney, Mr. Peterson and the AISB gardening communities will be running a seed planting event outside the library in the Central Park. This activity is geared towards elementary, ELC and Eco Council group members. It will run from 12-4 pm.

The Green Task Force will also be kicking off again. If anyone is curious about the school’s energy consumption and wants to look into ways to lessen our environmental footprint, consider joining the meeting at 1pm. The location is currently TBD (check the Vampire Diaries on the day).

Friday the 29th 

The morning will start with an infographic made by 12th grader Sophia A, on clean energy sources.

Consider making an environmental pledge to make a positive change. The pledges will be found in the atrium all week.

For more information on AISB’s Eco Council, find their website here