AISB’s very first Human Rights Week will start next Monday, March 30th. This week-long event is going to be hosted online and will help the AISB community understand, appreciate, and celebrate human rights all around the world, including Romania.

Originally scheduled to take place at school, the event organizers (members of Amnesty International service group) decided that instead of canceling, they wanted to persevere through the challenges. Group Leader Mara T states, “It is vital to take a step back and realize that not everybody is as privileged as we are. This week is meant to celebrate people’s battles against oppression.”

Here’s a look at what you can expect next week:

Monday: Protection of Minorities Day

On the first day of this week-long event, there will be a casual and open Zoom conference at lunch (from 1-2) and during office hours (3-4). During this conference, students will be asked to think critically and discuss issues surrounding the rights of minorities, particularly in Romania.

This is meant to be “a stepping stone to opening up the conversation in our community about the treatment of minorities around the country and in our own community,” says 12th grade Amnesty Member Teodora D.

If you would like to join, you can click this link on Monday, March 30th at 1pm, or at 3pm.

Tuesday: Trafficking Prevention Day

This Tuesday will be a “catalyst for a [anti trafficking] movement in AISB,” says the day’s organizer David S. He states the reason for choosing this topic is because “human trafficking is one of Romania’s most pressing issues.”

There will be a podcast hosted on the Human Rights Week website, with an interview with Emma, the leader of the anti-trafficking nonprofit ‘Liberated’. In the episode, she clears up misconceptions, explains ways to identify signs of trafficking, and even shares powerful stories about trafficked victims.

Wednesday: Freedom of Speech Day

On Wednesday, there will be another podcast, published on The Bite. This episode will shed light on the progress of freedom of expression in Romania, throughout communism and its aftermath.

Podcast producers say it will focus on the personal experiences of people who have lived through the years of censorship, and that “it becomes clear, through the power of these stories and experiences heard, how freedom of expression and its limitations have had crucial roles in the development of the country, social customs and its people.”

Thursday: Ownership Over One’s Body Day

“My Body My Rights” campaign, from Amnesty International.

Thursday, will begin with a video on the Vampire Diaries about the campaign, “My Body My Rights,” and what it means to claim ownership of your body. There will also be an anonymous survey where you can ask questions about this campaign for group members to answer later on.

One of the event leaders, Evelina K, states her motivation behind this project is to raise awareness for “the types of hardships that women face every day,” and to exemplify “how united [women] are, and [that] we’re not letting anyone take that power away from us.” She says the end goal is to “make this a safer and more empowering world.”

To conclude the day, there will be a webinar with the counselors to talk with interested participants about the campaign and offer an open Q&A session.  Check this website for more details.

Friday: Children’s Rights Day

Students volunteering through service learning group PAVEL.

The week will end with a bang. On Friday morning, there will be a virtual gallery on the Vampire Diaries displaying the various inspirational experiences from AISB service group members.

Tenth grader Georgia M, an advocate for children’s rights, believes “It is essential to look beyond the walls of our community and use all of the resources and advantages we have to help those in need and discover the world in the process of doing so.”

Now, more than ever, it is important to exhibit school spirit and engage in meaningful activities and learning experiences as we normally would. If you are interested, visit this link for more information, or if you have any suggestions or comments, leave them down below or enter them into this Google Form.