On Friday, June 3rd, AISB’s theater will host the school’s first indoor drama production since November of 2019.

Thirty middle school students will take the stage for Tracy Wells’ “Channeling Grimm”: a funny, fast-paced play about a student who needs to write a paper about fairy tales for her literature class—only instead, her best friend suggests they watch the TV versions instead. What ensues is not what they expected.

“Channeling Grimm is a fun, silly, all-ages romp through the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers,” explains AISB Drama Teacher and Play Director, Jennifer Lawless. “You won’t want to miss it.”

To see for ourselves, 11th grade photographer Anna L stopped by last week’s rehearsals. Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect on Friday and Saturday:

It definitely looks like a lot of fun! Here are the details so you can come see for yourself:

AISB’s Middle School Production “Channeling Grimm”

Friday, June 3rd at 16:00 & Saturday, June 4th at 14:00

AISB Theater; Free Admission

On Saturday, there will be food, as it’s the same day as International Picnic Day. We hope to see you there!