Did you know that AISB is embarking on an extraordinary journey or transformation, aiming to enhance our role as guardians of the planet while celebrating the diversity of our student body? As a school, we’ve excelled in fostering an inclusive and global community where everyone can feel safe and belonging. But now, we’re asking ourselves: How can we further broaden these horizons?

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of new teachers and students arriving from various biomes each year, our school, with the dedicated support of Ms. Rachel, Ms. Kempe, Mr. Andrei and Mr. Davis, has committed to facilitating a more comfortable adjustment to Romania’s distinct biome. Furthermore, the initiative aims to ease the transition by integrating aspects of the biomes that newcomers might miss from their places of origin, ensuring a smoother and more welcoming experience for everyone.

This initiative represents a big step towards achieving our goal. This sketch outlines the transformation of the current DP cafe into an immersive Amazonian rainforest biome. This transformation aims to offer those who have never visited such a remarkable place the opportunity to experience its wonder firsthand. Additionally, it seeks to create a comforting and homelike atmosphere for students and teachers who miss this particular biome. The revamped DP cafe will feature state-of-the-art auditory technology, bringing to life the sounds of the rainforest and its diverse wildlife, enhancing the overall experience.