Get ready to be inspired! This video series unveils the surprising past lives of some of our teachers. Did you know your math teacher once ruled the baseball field? Or that your PE teacher dominated in track and field?

These videos explore how their athletic experiences shaped them into the educators you know today. They share the lessons they learned, the skills they honed, and the perspectives they gained on teamwork, leadership, and resilience. Skills they apply daily to make our learning experience better.

Prepare to be surprised and discover the untold stories behind our teachers as they showcase their athletic past.

Arif Akhundov

Arif Akhundov, from Azerbaijan, is a sprinter who competed in the men’s 100m competition at the 1996 Summer Olympics. After competing, he transitioned to being a coach for the Azerbaijani athletics team at the 2015 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival and a middle and high school PHE teacher at TISA, TIS and AISB.

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore is a DP & MYP math teacher who played baseball, ice hockey, and American football. He takes us on his journey dealing with injuries, why he coaches and what being an athlete means to him.