For her personal project, 10th grader Jaden W. created a podcast series to illustrate what it’s like to be a third culture kid (TCK).

“This series was meant to help me understand my identity,” says Jaden. “By talking to people from different chapters of my life (Dubai, India, and Romania), I was able to see how these relationships shaped me, while rediscovering my past and looking forward into my future.”

She hopes that by publishing her own stories, it will inspire others to do the same—so they can get closer to answering one of the most difficult questions for a TCK: What does “home” actually mean?

Part 1, Dubai: Finding my footing in a foreign world

Part 2, India: Life through another lens

Part 3, Romania: Moving forward

To listen to these episodes all at once, check out our “Almost Home” playlist on SoundCloud.

*All images were created by 10th grade graphic designer, Eliza O.