As part of Amnesty International’s Human Rights Week, 11th graders Ana A. and Maria A. interview 12th grader Ingrid Z, who is the president of Girl Up Romania and a founding member of the FILIA service group at AISB. 

In this conversation, Ingrid talks about Girl Up Romania, a group of 100+ high school students advocating for girls’ rights and campaigning for equal opportunities across the country. She also shares how she (along with several recent alumni from FILIA) created AISB’s first sexual harassment policy. 

Please note that in this interview, Ingrid discusses sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

Show notes:

Girl Up Instagram Page

Girl Up Facebook Page

Centrul FILIA

AISB’s first sexual harassment policy/handbook, created by FILIA’s founding members

AISB’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies