One-fifth of teenagers are thought to have a diagnosable mental health disorder, as reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, a staggering fifty percent of said teenagers suffer in silence, never receiving help.

AISB’s counseling department, in order to combat the stigma around mental health, has created a platform called “Ask Anything” for students to ask questions anonymously, receiving support through a digital medium.

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What is Ask Anything?

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“It’s a platform which was introduced last year that allows students to ask anonymous questions,” explains Middle School Counselor, Stephanie Finnell. “All questions are answered by AISB counselors.”

There are three key points to note regarding the website. Specifically:

  • Questions are completely anonymous. “We can’t see names or emails associated with the questions; we can only see the time they came in,” mentions Finnell. This ensures that all students feel comfortable inquiring.
  • All questions are answered. As the name implies, AISB counselors give replies to all inquiries regardless of the content.
  • Do not use this if you are in crisis. If you are in an emergency, please see a school counselor. Finnell explains, “Ask Anything questions are not answered immediately, and therefore is not a good option for emergencies.”

Hot topics on Ask Anything

Many intriguing questions have been asked on the platform already, as you can see in the sliding gallery below:

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  • Ask Anything - 1

How do you access Ask Anything?

You can find a link through the Vampire Lair or simply click this link. At the bottom of the page is a Google Form, through which you can submit your questions.

“We want to make sure there are as many ways possible for students to ask questions without fear or judgement,” states Finnell. “It’s important that all students feel like they have support.”