Do you think you are assertive enough? If not, don’t worry. You’re not the only one!

“Assertiveness” is an 11-minute documentary which aims to discover why Romanians often don’t speak up: Is it because of the educational system or is it genetic? Is it taught or is it inherent in one’s character?

I interviewed teachers and students, half from the Romanian school system and half from AISB, aiming to find out how they perceive being assertive.

This idea was an off-shoot from a task I received in Journalism 9, in which I had to write a short article for The Bite about a member of the AISB community. My idea was to interview staff members, advocating for their needs in AISB. However, I failed because none of my interviewees wanted to share genuine thoughts and feelings, fearing that their employer would disagree.

One year later, I returned to my idea for my Personal Project, now seeking to understand the correlation between Romanians and a lack of assertiveness, comparing and contrasting with other cultures and systems.

What follows is my product, a short documentary about assertiveness:

Documentary by Marta M.

assertiveness = “the quality of being confident and not frightened to say what you want or believe