As a young artist growing up in Bucharest, I’ve been inspired by many local galleries and the artists in which they feature. You may not know it, but this city is teeming with revolving art exhibitions–so much so that it’s hard to choose which ones to visit. Because of this, I’ve made a list of my top 3 galleries that you should check out.


The first gallery is called Nicodim, a very large space that holds a variety of exhibitions. The owner of the gallery has another gallery, also called Nicodim, in LA and some of the same artists that are featured in Romania are also featured in LA. Over the years, the gallery has had a lot of exhibitions featuring a number of very complex and diverse artists. The space can be altered by the artists, meaning that they have the freedom to paint the walls and hang paintings and sculptures anywhere they want. The gallery has featured some of Romania’s most well-known artists and continues to inspire every single person that walks in the gallery.

Why should you visit:

If you are interested in seeing some of Romania’s most well-known artists, then this is the place for you.

Address: Strada Băiculeşti, nr. 29, Sector 1

Schedule:  Tuesday–Saturday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm; Closed Sunday and Monday.



The second gallery on the list is Mobius; again, a generous amount of space that artists can play with. They feature a number of Romanian artists, and the art that they feature is mostly modern. The gallery features paintings as well as sculptures. Depending on the artist featured, the curator of the gallery will always take people by surprise and the art is always inspiring and has a strong story.

Why you should visit:

All of the exhibitions that they feature have a very strong message and meaning.

Address: Strada D. I. Mendeleev 2

Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday 00-20.00; Sunday – By Appointment Only

Current exhibition: “I am at my most beautiful when I am alone”- Lea Rasovszky




The third gallery is my personal favorite: Galateca, located in the center of Bucharest, with big windows showcasing the art inside very well. The gallery is made up of more rooms, also including a store. From January 18th until February 3rd, I will have my own personal exhibition at Galatea. I am the youngest artist that they have ever featured and I am beyond happy that I got the opportunity to be featured in such a beautiful gallery. My work is very abstract and colorful and it is inspired by everything around me; starting with nature, architecture and the people I surround myself with.

My statement for the exhibition:


Colour was the starting point for this exhibition, as well as the way color works together in order to create a feeling for the viewer. The inspiration for the series came from many different places.  Ilinca always loved to travel and that has always been a great influence on her art. Architecture and nature have always given her ideas and motivation to create new art, and also visiting some of the world’s most well-known museums. These aspects have always inspired her to try different color combinations and to create movement in her pieces.

She loves to experiment with color, using different shades and tones and sometimes making unexpected color combinations. Creating this series, she used the painting knife, using various sizes to create small strokes to very large strokes. Reinterpreting a different mood in each painting depending on the colors she used and the way the strokes move.

The biggest and most complex piece in the series EXPLOSION represents the way she grew since she started painting and the skills that she gained since then. It represents movement and the development of her as a young artist. It showcases a variety of color combinations that are vibrant and happy. Some powerful strokes are darker, representing the fact that getting to the point that where she is at today has taken a lot of work and perseverance.

Some of the paintings were inspired by Pollock. The two paintings INSPIRATION and MOVEMENT were inspired by his expressive brushstrokes, the unexpected ways he used color, and by his work process. Looking at Pollock, it inspired her to be as vocal and suggestive as possible.

Organizing this exhibition and setting it up taught me a lot about what happens behind the scenes of an exhibition and how much work needs to be put in. I was very involved in the process, but I did have a lot of help from my family and curator. Whenever I walk into a gallery, I can now understand all of the work that it took to get there but also all of the work that was put into making the actual pieces. It took me about five months to make all of the paintings that are in the exhibition, so I am very grateful and happy that they are able to be on display in such a beautiful gallery.

Why should you visit the Gallery:

During this time, if you are interested in seeing a young artist’s work, then you should come and visit the gallery.

Address: Str. C.A.Rosetti Nr. 2-4, Sector 1

Schedule: Tuesday-Friday 12pm-9pm; Saturday 11am-7pm; Closed Sunday and Monday.