This is black-out poetry (a.k.a. found poetry or erasure poetry). You take an already existing text (section of a newspaper, page of a novel, etc.) and you black out the majority of the words on the page until you’re left with just a few – your own poem.

It’s satisfying and rewarding to create a new piece of art from an existing one. You begin with no message in mind and end up with a theme, a lesson, or a new perspective. And it’s aesthetically pleasing – hello, Instagram. So grab your sharpie and join in on this rare and accepted form of academic vandalism.

Here are some poems from one of the 8th grade English classes:

Pretty cool, huh? If you’d like to try your hand at a blackout poem, and are happy with the end result, send us a message on our Contact Us page to possibly get your work published. We’re also accepting traditional poetry and short stories.

Thanks to Ms. Parnell for the lovely intro and for sharing your students’ work!