Haven’t you ever wanted to spend an entire day restaurant-hopping in Bucharest? Well, we did just that.

In this video, 9th graders Sofia and Petra ask three of AISB’s “foodie” teachers to give their recommendations for the best breakfast, lunch and dinner spots in Bucharest. Then, they (along with their videographer Tudor) go to these restaurants and give ratings for each place.

Check it out:

Mentioned in this video:

  • Frudisiac: Intrarea Bitolia 4, +4021 231 0411
  • Le Bab: Piața Charles de Gaulle 3, +40743 179 555
  • Grano: Strada Puțul lui Zamfir 40, +4021 231 2386

Want us to review your favorite Bucharest restaurant? Comment below to tell us where you want us to go next!