A Short Guide to Berlin 

With October break coming up, one of the best destinations to visit is Berlin. Filled with fascinating monuments, beautiful scenery and intriguing museums, the history-rich capital is a captivating yet inexpensive place to travel. Below are the must-see’s of Berlin, as well as the places…

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To Be Black: An AISB Experience 

“Write an article for Black History Month.” This was my assignment. Pretty straight forward, really—a first-person narrative of what it’s like to be the only African American at AISB. But we’re now well into March and I’m just now finishing it. Writing this article for…

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5 Ways for Teens to Make Money 

Are you one of those guilty shoppers who desires one of the most expensive items, yet you are short on money? Did your parents stop giving you money because you spent it all? Stressed, because you are too young to have a job and think…


Standardized Testing: Good or Bad? 

In the US, students take approximately 112 mandatory standardized tests before they finish high school. According to an article in the Washington Post, these tests consume about 25 hours each year (a total of 300 hours throughout 12 years of school). These tests will either…


How Sports Improve Academic Excellence 

Feeling stressed in school, or having trouble focusing in class is inevitable. Thankfully, studies have shown that by simply playing sports we can reduce stress levels and improve our academic performance. Physical activity can boost observational skills, improve focus, and even develop our abilities to…


5 Must-Have Apps for Students 

High school can be hard, but students always find a way to simplify it.  These days, there are resources everywhere (thank God!), including hundreds of applications on our cellphones. Here are The Bite’s top recommendations: Duolingo Hallå! Ciao! Γειά σου! Hej! Здравствуйте! こんにちは! Duolingo is…


5 Must-Visit Places in Romania 

Romania is a country perfect for tourists. Whether you like history, nature, road trips or castles, you can spend an enjoyable time here. And if you’re overwhelmed with what to do, start with these five attractions: 1. Peleş Castle Peleş Castle was built between 1873-1914….

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