A plan is in place for both of the AISB high school wings to be extended, and construction is expected to begin by the first week of November.

Before the fall break, the Board met to discuss the project, and as a result, AISB Head of School Dr. Robert Brindley said he is “delighted to announce that we will be commencing, as soon as possible, the construction of the Secondary School expansion.” In an email to AISB faculty, he shared that the Board has agreed on the architectural plans and building contractor, and that we should expect to see changes soon.

The expansion is shown at the top, in white.

With the help of 4 to 4.5 million Euros, we are told that the project will take approximately nine months to complete. The new 2,500 square meter extension will have three floors and contain twelve classes, two laboratories, two bathrooms (with three toilets), one multipurpose room and five faculty rooms.

The new classrooms will be designed similarly to the kindergartner’s light-friendly rooms, because “It is proven that kids actually work better in classes with more light,” says Dr. Brindley.

AISB kindergarten classroom.

“The room allocation will add to all subjects’ needs,” Brindley states, meaning the classes and labs will not only be bright, but will be designed specially for the subject, to make sure kids are getting the proper education they need to become successful in the future.

With 130 new students this year, the entire secondary school at the moment is full. To adapt to the fast growth, more teachers and support staff were hired, and space is a commodity. As a result, this extension is the Boards’ top priority, and they are committed to providing the school with the space and resources it needs.

As this is a developing story, we will continue to update you as we get more information.