Remember the fun house events we had in September? Well, the house system is really kicking off now, with a full week of activities coming up. Spirit Week is happening from Monday, October 28th until Friday, November 1st, with events organized by many of our student councils and service groups. 

What is Spirit Week?

The Arts Council, led by 11th grade student Mariam M, decided that Halloween would be the perfect theme for a week of community building–the goal being to not only make us feel more connected, but also get some competition going between the houses.

“A celebration is a great way to help in community-building,” says Mariam, adding, “What’s wrong if we have a one-week celebration instead of one day?” 

The Arts Council Advisor, Courtney McDonald, explains that Halloween is “often a popular event to plan for,” so the group reached out to other councils and service groups, to “combine forces and offer a variety of activities and events for students to get in the Halloween/fall spirit.”

Students and teachers will get “points” for dressing up each day (1 point per student, 5 for homeroom teachers) and those points will be awarded to their assigned houses. As a reminder, here’s the house names that were created during the house launch:

Secondary Vice Principal Fiona Moss explains that “each challenge will assign points throughout the year and we will keep track on a master sheet.” She hints that there will be some sort of end-of-year celebration, but cannot yet offer specifics. 

A Look at the Schedule

The following table, courtesy of Mariam, is the most up-to-date schedule of next week’s events. She assures us that “through this week of celebration, people will be able to interact more with each other and make some fun memories.” 

Stay tuned for upcoming coverage of the Zombie Run, as well as a photo essay of the week’s most artistically-carved pumpkins! 

Tell us: Do you have your Halloween costume planned? If so, tell us in the comments below!