Recently grade 8 English Language & Literature students have been exploring poetry and the power of bearing witness. To gather notes for their haiku assignment, students in Chuck Adams’ classes spent about 10 minutes observing the Elementary school’s morning recess on Monday, April 29 (outside recess) and Tuesday, April 30 (indoor recess, due to rain). Here are the best of the best from the students’ work, that we hope captures poetic moments from these often exuberant times of the day on the AISB campus:

Monday, April 29 | Sunny, warm, bright (outdoor recess)

Three girls tumbling around
They do cartwheels together
Soft green grass beneath
—Olivia B

the blue sky’s reign
broken by the chirping
of the brown birds
—Charlotte G.

Spinning, spinning, spin
Spin for glee, and for giddy
Spin for all to see
—Toma G.

Open your arms: Feel the breeze—
Loop of fresh air, cold to touch—
But warm to the mind.
—Renato H.S.

Spinning, splits, flying high
Bending and twisting under shade
Hiding behind trees
—Saba S.

The loud ear-splitting
sound of the blown whistle-
everyone whining.
—Oyku H.

Girls being gymnasts
Backbends and splits on the grass—
Sitting and talking
—Amy P.

Feeling leather ball
Three on three, competitive
Unlucky rim bounce
—Stepan P.

The whistle has come
The kids race to line up first
How fast time passes
—Lisa L.

Tuesday, April 30 | Cold, damp, cloudy (indoor recess)

The rains very cold
So the children have been told
Outside is all wet
—Mihai P.

Rain, we stay inside
It pours inside my sad soul
An umbrella helps.
—Yasmine A.

I came in last place
I’m angry, the cards fly out
Like birds, flying
—Yasmine A.

Colors dancing,
On the stars in the sky,
Like backpacks arranged.
—Vanessa C.

Crafting cards
Focused on straight lines
Calm silence
—Sophie G.

Like a bomb explosion
Debris from war, paper form
—Sophie G.

pink paper hearts
tape crunch like the food
please clean up
—Maya V.

When class starts
The laughs go away
Like trees’ leaves in autumn
—David V.

Children through the glass
Children with not one worry
Not one on their minds
—Layla A.