For AISB’s Earth Week, “Call to Action” day focuses on the action we as individuals can take to care for our environment on a local, national and global scale. Following this theme, Gaby W. put together a podcast with climate activist Mădă Scarlat, on her role in the Climate Strike Romania and Fridays for Future Romania movements. 

Listen to Gaby and Mădă discuss environmentalism in Romanian politics, the effect of COVID 19 on the climate strike movement, how students can get involved, and more!

“I think more than help the environment, the coronavirus has helped people to understand that we can live with less and that we have an impact. Our footprint is huge and I want to believe we are not going back. It is up to us if we go back to business as usual or if we choose to switch to a sustainable development.”

– Mădă Scarlat