Welcome back (and just “Welcome” to all the newbies)! Can you believe that we have more than 200 new students in the secondary this year?

Joining any new school is difficult, but all the acronyms and abbreviations here at AISB (American International School of Bucharest) is, well, confusing. MYP, DP, CEESA, CAS, CCA…We figured it was our duty to at least explain a little bit about the CCAs (Co-Curricular Activities) before tomorrow’s sign-up session in the gym.

On Wednesday, August 21st at 1:45, we’re all heading to the gym to check out the options for what to do after school (and during lunch, in some cases). Director of Athletics & Activities David Hughes tells us there’s 50 CCAs on offer for high schoolers and 45 for middle schoolers this year! He also confirms that after school times will be the same as last year: 15:30-16:25, 15:30-17:00, and 16:30 – 18:00.

“We have so many great CCA options this year,” says Hughes. “And there’s something for everyone–from jewelry making to floor hockey to ultimate frisbee.”

Every AISB student should have already received a link to sign up, but if you need more information, visit this CCA website. There, you’ll find all 50 options and the necessary forms. Just remember: signups start tomorrow and close Saturday at midnight!

Tell us: What are you signing up for and why?

*Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on some of the most popular service learning options!