This year, Textiles was added to the curriculum as a design elective, thanks to Jann Brindley who decided to start this class because she noticed that most kids nowadays do not have any experience with sewing.

Brindley developed this passion when she was little. Her mom and grandma liked to sew, so they taught her the basics of embroidery, knitting, and dressmaking. At that time, Textiles was taught in schools in Australia (the 1950s to 1960s). These basics learned at school and at home helped her, since as a teenager, she was growing at rapid pace, and was also skinny, so it was very difficult to find clothes that fit her.

As a consequence, she had to make most of her clothes by the age of 15. She also enjoyed buying new and vintage clothes so that she could alter it to her taste. Brindley also had the opportunity to work in interior design because of her knowledge about textiles.

For the Textiles final project, the students were told to create an article by upscaling a used garment or textile. The students were given the liberty to choose the article they were going to do and the materials they were going to use. They had about three weeks to complete the project.

Dog sweater

By: Medina S.

For her project, Medina decided to create a dog sweater for her pug, who gets cold when he goes outside. Another reason why she decided to create this pullover is that it has been difficult to find a piece of clothing that is warm for him since he is fat and small. Medina made this sweatshirt by up-cycling a human sweater.

Embroidered denim pillow

By: Ioana D.

Ioana created a pillow out of jeans. She was encouraged to do this since textiles have an impact on the environment. The reason behind her project was to get motivated every day as she woke up to the quote that she embroidered with cheerful colors. She also added sequins in order to recreate a starry night sky.


By: Teodora D.

Teodora went with something more simple by making a denim book bag with jeans that no one wanted. She is happy with her project but if she could do something different, she would have changed the dimensions in the beginning and made the seams better.

Flower jeans

By: Nida A.

For her project, Nida decided to create flowers on her jeans by using embroidery. She was motivated to create this because she wanted to cover ugly paint marks with a beautiful flower. Her love for denim and desire to pop out a little more led her to successfully make lovely flowers on her pants.