Do you believe in bad and good energy? Do you ever consider what energy flow is around you? How would you feel if you could take control over your fortune? Well, if you’ve ever thought about these things, you might want to consider learning about the ancient belief of Feng Shui.

According to The Spruce, Feng Shui is an ancient art and science, formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. It is the study of the effects of energy, which flows all around us. The placement of ourselves and objects within a space affects us in various aspects of our lives.

Feng Shui places importance on the center of where you live: the heart of the home, also known as the “yin” and “yang” points. That is the Feng Shui energy spot, and along with it, other various energies (or “Bagua” areas) of your home emanate. The energy of your surroundings is important for good Feng Shui of your space, as well as your health. There is the potential of negative energy constantly circulating your house.

With Feng Shui, the goal is to create positive energy, or “Chi” energy. In Chinese medicine, Chi is the term for the universal energy or the energy that surrounds everything around us. This can apply to internal (in the body) and external energy.

So, keeping the center of your home clean, open and clutter-free are the essentials for keeping a healthy and harmonious home. But how do we avoid bad energy? Here are the main steps:


Get rid of clutter for good Feng Shui

Get rid of everything you don’t love in your room or house. Clearing the space is a form of therapy that will help “lighten the load.” This will help get rid of obstacles in that particular spot, whether it be “relationships,” “career,” “health,” etc. Ideally, this would be the first step to applying Feng Shui.  


The Importance of North, South, East and West

According to Feng Shui, each area or part of our house represents and is connected to a specific area of our lives (Bagua). So first, you must grab a compass and find out the coordinates for the next step.


Know the Bagua of Your Home

Find out the Bagua, or the Feng Shui energy map of your house.

The letters simply represent North, South, West and East on the image (from Classic Compass Bagua). The south of your house represents “fame,” and considering the category of the element it falls into, which is fire, that part of the house should include objects and furniture in colors such as red, orange and yellow for good chi energy.

There is a Western Bagua as well that has been simplified over the years to create a different, yet very similar, version of the Classic Compass Bagua. The directions are not determined by a compass, but instead, by the entrance of the home. The entrance is considered North and everything else is placed according to that information.

Western Bagua map

Following the rule of the element, we come across a color palette where each color defines good chi energy when placed accordingly on the map of your house. The Feng Shui five element theory consists of the elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.


Easy Feng Shui Color tips for your home

  1. The color green is really good for health and the balance of family life if used in the East Bagua area of your house.
  2. Blue is a great color to use in the North Bagua area to support the energy of your career growth. Or in the East Bagua area, for health and family, and Southeast area, for wealth, could nourish Water and Wood Feng Shui elements.
  3. On the South Bagua area, display bright shades of yellow for happiness.
  4. The color white in the West Bagua area will bring energy to support creativity and children.

Color Wheel

Feng Shui tips recommended for every home

  1. Clean up the mess.
  2. Add color to strengthen the energy of the specific Bagua area.
  3. Get plants for air purification and creativity growth.
  4. Keep your toilet lid down. In the perspective of feng shui, toilet drains the good energy of your house.
  5. Don’t work with your back facing a door; Not being able to see the door creates the tension of someone “sneaking up on you.”

For more advanced information on how to create a balanced space, check out this YouTube video, published by Kim Community:

Even parents are starting to recognize the chi energy and are visiting sites upon sites to learn more about the energy flow of their house, so they can relieve bad energy and bring better fortune for their families future.

Banu Demir is a parent of an 18-year old who is neck to neck with the IB, struggling to get through the process of choosing college and end-of-year exams. With the surreal amount of stress, she stumbled upon Feng Shui.

Her curiosity ignited and pushed her to learn more about the Feng Shui energy of her own house. She followed the steps of finding out the directions and making herself a Bagua map and started off with cleaning the families “career spot” in the house which landed in the garage.

“I read an article about the relationship, health and career spots in our house and got really interested in learning more,” Banu says. “When I had figured out the Bagua map of my house and found out that career area of my house was a mess I decided I had to clean the haphazard place. After taking this action I really felt like the energy flow got better.”

She adds that, “At the time I was writing a book; however, I was stuck on how to finish the book. After clearing the space, both the house and my mind were much clearer. Thus when I continued my book I was able to finish my novel that I had been working on for three years.” 

Following this experience came another relief: her son had been accepted to multiple colleges. Banu pursued her plan and added more colors and paintings according to her own Bagua to strengthen the good Feng Shui energy flow. She spread the word and her friends got interested as well.

“One of my friends had complained to me a while ago, saying that she didn’t feel happy and was having trouble enjoying life. After I found out her Bagua area of happiness I was shocked by the view: a single trash bin encompassed by clutter. We quickly made sure to change the place of the trash bin and clean the area before adding pictures of scenery and family, and of course not forgetting to add bright colors. Now, I believe, my friend is in Greece enjoying another one of her heaven-like trips,” explains Banu.

Examples of before and after using Feng Shui:


Image Source: MyRoost25


Image Source: MyRoost25


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Image Source: Pinterest

Applying Feng Shui is very simple after you understand all the basics, and utilize the steps given in this article. With these few easy steps, you can strengthen the energy of your surroundings and find balance in your home. 


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