As of January 2018, more than 45 million people were playing the PC/console game Fornite–making it the most popular game of all time, according to Epic Games.

One of the reasons for the game’s massive fan base is its accessibility, and the fact that it’s free. That’s right: right now, it’s free to download on either PC, Playstation, Xbox, and even on your phone.

But, hold on! Before you install the game, you need to have a basic knowledge of the weapons, locations, and strategies. It can be hard to get used to at first, so if you want to get a quick and easy grasp of the gameplay, here’s a few things everyone should know about Fortnite .


So, what is Fortnite?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must’ve heard of Fortnite by now; but what really is Fortnite? This record-breaking video game was launched by Epic Games on the 25th of July 2017 as a PC game only. It was later added to the PS4, Xbox One, and mobile phones due to its rapidly growing popularity.

A Fortnite match starts with everyone jumping off a ship that flies over the huge island. You jump off at the destination you like with 100 health points (a maximum of 200 with full shield). At this point, you must collect as much loot as possible (like guns, ammo, and heals), as well as materials (wood, brick and metal) to help prepare you for battle. To make the battle more intense, a big circle (the storm) will be set on the island map, and will get smaller as time passes by. However, if you don’t make it inside the circle in time, the storm will crush you, making you lose the game. The point of the game is to defend yourself and be the last person standing in the 100 player battle.

What makes the game so unique is that you’re able to build forts to protect yourself and your team (if you play with one). It is the combination of quick building, well thought-out strategies, and good loot that makes a successful game.


What game modes should I play?

The solo game mode is a battle where everyone is by themselves with the goal of being the last person standing. The same goal applies to Duo mode and Squad mode, where you’re a group of two or four. According to FortniteTracker, Duo and Solo mode are the most-played.

Although these three are the main game modes, there are a few temporary game modes which are added back to the game every now or then, such as Fifty Vs. Fifty. The game mode is pretty self-explanatory by its name, but what makes it great is that you can get lots of wins, since you have a fifty percent chance of winning. A similar game mode is Twenty Vs. Twenty. In this game mode, there are five teams of twenty, but what makes it more challenging than Fifty vs. fifty, is that multiple teams could be attacking you at the same time.

“How many wins you have on solo proves how good you are, since you have to win all by yourself,” says Ovi R., a professional Fortnite player. “While playing with a team, there might be people in your team who work more for the win than you.”

“Fifty vs. fifty is the most boring game mode since it’s hard to get any kills when half of the players are your team, but Squad will always be the most fun game mode to play,” says Ninja, a well-known Fortnite YouTuber.

Just remember: winning on Solo mode may show how good you play, but nothing is more fun than playing a late night squad game with friends.


What weapons should I use?

Before we move on to discuss the best weapons, we should first explain the weapon tier. There are five weapon classes on Fortnite, and they are ranked by color, from worst to best: Grey (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), and gold (legendary).

Legendary Scar

For months, professional Fortnite players have been arguing about which weapon is the best to use, but no one disagrees on the first place weapon… The golden scar. Everyone you play with is looking for one of these, so if you accidentally came across one, I recommend you to pick it up. This is because only two shots from this assault rifle will eliminate your enemy (unless they have shields). The video-game Wikipedia Orcz’s statistics show that the legendary scar has a DPS (damage per second) of 198.


Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper

If you find this weapon, you’re in luck; just one bullet from this sniper does 116 damage, or 290 damage for a headshot. The only trouble using this weapon is that the reload time is 2.7 seconds. If you miss your shot, there is a higher chance of you getting eliminated, so you should prepare to protect yourself, and reload when you’re in a safer area.

“The golden bolt-action sniper is only good if you’re good using it, if your aim is bad, then please don’t use it or else you will lose,” says expert Kris S.


Legendary Rocket Launcher 

The golden rocket launcher is probably one of the most useful weapons in Fortnite; it can not only be used for damaging enemies but also destroying their cover.

“In order to survive against a legendary rocket launcher, you have to be a very fast builder, or else your cover will be knocked down,” YouTuber Miniminter says.


What are the best locations to land on?

The map of Fortnite is huge, so you have plenty of areas to land on. Some specific locations might help you to survive longer, while some can help you get more kills.


Greasy Grove

“Me and the boys always land on Greasy Grove, because there’s always so much loot,” comments Alejandro.G, a Fortnite professional.

This loot-filled town is located on the left bottom corner of the map. If you’re a player who doesn’t want to get involved in a lot of action and wants to be stacked with goods, Greasy Grove is the way to go.


Wailing Woods

This location is where all the good builders go to get wood, considering it’s filled with hundreds of trees. “The best strategy is to land on Wailing Woods, and once you get all the wood you need, go to Anarchy Acres to loot up,” says Nick Eh 30, a famous Fortnite YouTuber.

The only problem about this forest is that there’s barely any loot here, and you might not even find a chest. Yes, your loot might be lacking, but your building materials surely won’t.


Tilted Towers

The most popular location in Fortnite by far is Tilted Towers, with several players dropping on it all at once. FortniteTracker has reported that during an average game, at least 10 players land in Tilted Towers. If you really want kills, this location will easily help you with that, considering it’s the most player-filled destination. Collecting loot will be a challenge as there are many others searching for loot as well. The easiest way to get goods in this location is to eliminate players and steal their loot.

“Winning a game by starting off at Tilted Towers is almost impossible, but if you don’t care about your stats and just want to have fun, you should land on Tilted Towers,” Ovi notes.

This area might be the most fun to play on, but remember that it’s the most dangerous as well.


With the variety of modes, the unique and exciting gameplay, and the large range of features it has, it’s not surprising to see how Fortnite became so popular so quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game while it’s still free and use these tips to get as many Victory Royales as possible.


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