On June 13th from 3:15pm-6pm, AISB’s courtyard will transform into an outdoor music festival–with 14 different musical acts taking the stage (aka the gazebo).

This is one of the many events organized by this year’s Arts Council, and is the first time the school has ever hosted this type of end-of-the-year celebration.

Who is Performing?

Here’s the line up, featuring students from grades 4-11, as well as teachers:

  • Cobalt Dream, featuring “the Nicks,” Shahar, Ozan & Mathis from Grade 10.
  • Inklings!  featuring Alexandru, Ioana, Radu, Insung & Luca from Grades 4 & 5.
  • Believers with Nikki, Matty, Ricardo and Yigit from Grade 4.
  • MBM featuring Baran, Michael & Michael from Grade 5.
  • Bollywood Dancing by Mariam in Grade 10.
  • Singing performances by Phoebe in Grade 6 & Caleb in Grade 8.
  • Vampire Weekday featuring Mr. Giddens, Mr. O’Grady & Grade 10 students.
  • Jazz Band.
  • Nixieland Band.
  • 509 featuring Andrei, Mael & Kiya from Grade 11.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Whitney, Mr. Parnell and Mr. Powers
  • Phoebe, Lois, Maria, Antonia, Sofia & Talia from Grade 6.
  • Noga and Doga from Grade 8.
  • People featuring Noa, the Nicks, Shahar, Ozan & Mathis.

*There will also be a DJ booth run by 11th grade students Mael, Jin, Jako and Deniz.

What should you expect?

Besides the incredible live music, music teacher and event planner Courtney McDonald says that the goal is for this to feel like an outdoor music festival.

“We’re trying to bring together the AISB community and enjoy music from the talented musicians we have at our school,” says McDonald.

Here, Cobalt Dream performs in AISB’s atrium.

The arts council is encouraging people to bring a picnic or snacks, along with a blanket or even a lawn chair. Food will also be sold by Flavours (cash only), including burgers, mici, ice cream, salads and pastrami sandwiches.

If you’re interested in attending, feel free to bring friends and family. We personally can’t think of a better way to end the year and kick off summer than listening to our talented peers and teachers perform, while eating atop blankets, under the sun.