During experiential week this year the grade 10 students, accompanied by teachers Alina Hora, Christopher Moore, Dawn Lovig, Arif Akhundov, Peter Daignult, Josiah Laposky and Christina Cuzuc traveled to Arsenal Park in Orăștie, Hunedoara, for an exciting journey. This unique park, which was once used as storage for weapons, now offers adventurous and entertaining outdoor activities that the students were able to experience.

The focus of the trip was not only to teach students to take care of themselves but it was also an opportunity to take a break from school, unwind, and socialize with friends. 

“We had more free time and activity time that allowed us to talk and spend time with our friends and others. Almost every aspect of that trip was socializing time just in different environments and with different activities.”

– Emma B

After a bus ride of around five hours, including a nice break at a mall, the students reached Arsenal Park and settled in their rooms which they shared with one or two friends of their choice. The rest of the evening was spent eating a well-deserved dinner in the restaurant and doing outdoor activities in the park such as tag, table tennis and a crowded game of volleyball.

On the second day the grade split into two groups to facilitate smaller, more personal experiences. One group went on a hiking adventure which lasted about two hours and saw students travel up and down the mountain. During the hike, students and teachers got the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful nature Romania is known for. After reaching the top, the group stopped to rest and learned from the guide that the spot was once used to hide gold underground.

The other group visited Corvin castle which included a tour of the castle to see period items and weapons. By touring the castle, the students were able to learn more about Romanian history. Leo T shared what he liked most about the visit, stating, “I liked the infrastructure and views from the castle. The weapons and knives were interesting.”

Grade 10 students in front of Corvin castle

After the two groups did their activities, the whole grade met at Arsenal Park’s waterpark which includes five water slides as well as an indoor and outdoor pool and saunas. Overall, many of the 10th graders called this activity the highlight of the trip.

At night, the students and teachers enjoyed a cozy bonfire and s’mores. Dragos S. explained why it was his favorite memory from the trip, “I really enjoyed the atmosphere, being late at night with light music playing in the background, and the process of making s’mores, it was my first time eating ‘proper’ ones.”

On day 3, the same groups from the previous day swapped activities and either went hiking or to visit Corvin castle. Afterwards, the students did the zipline course which pushed boundaries and challenged them physically. The night ended with a peaceful bonfire to relax after the tiring day.

The following morning, everyone tidied up their rooms and packed up. After breakfast, the journey back to AISB started. Due to one of the buses breaking down, the students had to spend a longer time at the mall stop than planned, but other than that, it was a relaxing bus ride.

For the ninth graders who will go on this trip next year, there are certain things you could bring to be prepared and fully enjoy your time. Emma B suggests, “Bring snacks because you can’t get any there, bring a good amount of cash just in case, and a litre water bottle because when you go out you can’t fill your water bottle. Also, it’s quite hot so pack short sleeves and sunscreen.”

Overall, this trip was a great opportunity for everyone to bond with each other and have fun outside of school. Dragos S stated, “I appreciated the freedom we had, it felt freeing being on a school trip that was so relaxed and in which we had so much liberty over what we did.”

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process of organizing this trip. We’re excited for next year’s experiential week!