On Thursday, November 15th, AISB’s annual Harvest Festival will give students the opportunity to try homemade food from across the globe. There will be dishes for all tastes, from savory to sweet, with 20 different nationalities represented.

Pie from last year's Harvest Festival. Pie from last year’s Harvest Festival.

This time of the year, it’s important for students to be thankful for the good things in their lives. So, before feasting, students will write something they’re thankful for on a construction paper leaf. All of these leaves will then be displayed on a “tree” in the atrium.

According to PTO President Dawn Kovacs, this is a favorite tradition at AISB and the PTO is happy to continue it.

More than 20 tables will be displayed in the hallway between the library and cafeteria, boasting traditional foods made by AISB parents. Think falafel from Israel, dumplings from China, bulgogi from Korea, waffles from Belgium and papanasi from Romania. Yum.

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Here’s what you need to know before rushing the food tables on Thursday:

●In the school’s effort to be more environmentally friendly, students need to bring a reusable container from home. The PTO is encouraging everyone to take only a few items and to try something you haven’t had before.

● Students may enter and exit the cafeteria only via the side door near the
DP cafe.

● Normal lunch will continue, from 12:50-1:10 (students may enter the cafeteria at any time to eat lunch), but then each grade level has a specific entry time:

  •  12:50: Grade 12
  • 12:55: Grade 11
  • DP HL students may enter at any time after class.
  • 13:00: Grade 10
  • 13:05: Grade 9
  • 13:15: Grade 8
  • 13:20: Grade 7
  • 13:25: Grade 6

Tell us: What are you most looking forward to eating on Thursday?