Since the 1980’s, Romania has struggled with its stray animal population. But did you know that between 2013 and 2015, more than 25,000 street dogs were captured and euthanized by the Romanian government?

AISB’s service learning group PAWS is on a mission to stop this, and has recently discovered “The Dog Rose,” an organization that rescues and rehomes street dogs. We reached out to get more information and to promote their work.

What is The Dog Rose?

Image Source: The Dog Rose.

Founded in 2011 by five Swiss activists, The Dog Rose rescues homeless dogs from the streets and provides them with food, water, and housing. They are also adding new animals to their shelter, such as cats, chickens, pigeons, and sheep. So far, they managed to rescue over 500 street dogs and 250 other animals. All of them are available for adoption. 

The Dog Rose is also raising awareness of the street dogs in Romania. Last year, they started a program to educate young children on how to keep themselves safe around street dogs.

How can you help?

There are many meaningful ways to support the Dog Rose other than through monetary donations. Below are some ideas:

Amy is a quiet, friendly dog that loves to be petted. She is currently in the progress of getting her vaccines done.
  • Adopt an animal. Visit the organization’s adoption site to choose a pet you’d like to adopt. If you click on their picture, you’ll be able to read about their character, health status, and adoption information.
  • Sponsor an animal. If you cannot adopt an animal, you can still support them by paying for their medical, food, and care packages! The price of the packages range from 400-800 RON, which is enough to sustain them for a year.
  • Become a member. You can be part of The Dog Rose by signing up for an annual membership plan (50-200 EUR). Members will receive regular updates and invitations to exclusive events from The Dog Rose.
  • Buy from The Dog Rose shop. Go to this link to purchase bracelets and hoodies to support the organization. Some products are as cheap as 15 euros, so you can afford them more easily than annual memberships.
  • Donate. If you’d like to choose a specific amount you want to donate, you can do so here. Your money will be used to build new homes and feed homeless animals.

Are you a supporter of The Dog Rose or another animal welfare organization? Share your experience in the comments below!