Get ready to add a touch of glamour to your winter at AISB! The Night at the Oscars Winter Ball, a formal dance event, has been rescheduled to make its debut on Friday, March 1st, 2024.

The Winter Ball Committee, a group of 11th graders, hopes that the new date allows many more people to come. This event aims to introduce a cherished tradition to the AISB community.

Grade 11 student Seth V., one of the project leaders, shares how he got the idea for the project: “Before moving [to AISB] I was homeschooled, which meant I didn’t get to go to traditional school activities like dances.”

He says he was excited to move here, but when he realised dances weren’t part of the school culture, he decided to start one with his friends. 

This Winter Ball isn’t just about dancing, project leaders claim, it’s about “having a good time, your way.” To give your input on music, vibe, and more, the committee asks AISB students to fill out this survey. It also gives you an opportunity to join the newsletter, which includes tips on dance moves and more. 

Tickets for the Winter Ball are for sale, through an online form and also at a stand. There are many different ways to pay, so don’t stress! Also, there has been a huge discount since the last official price! The maximum number of attendees, although still undecided, is approximately 150-200.

So, keep an eye out for ticket sales, and get your formal wear ready!