The Vampires headed to Warsaw yesterday afternoon, April 16th, to participate in the CEESA Combined Band & Choir Festival.

After a month-and-a-half of practice, hard work, and passion, the students of AISB Band and Choir are prepared to perform in a spectacular concert together. While most CEESA competitions are about winning, this one is unique; it’s a chance for Central and Eastern European school students to unite and celebrate the power of music.

Here’s what you can expect from the Vampires this weekend (with a link to the live stream below):


With eight talented students, the AISB Band has been able to prepare for the concert, despite the challenges they had to face.

“Just getting students to come on a regular basis has been the most difficult part of our rehearsals,” says Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, the AISB Secondary Band Director. “People could come one day, but some would come on another day; we’ve had very few times when we had the majority of students together.”

Despite not always being able to rehearse together, the Band students worked hard and enjoyed five hours a week of playing their favorite instruments. They are now prepared to go and take part in the special CEESA experience, although it comes with a little bit of anxiety. “I’m nervous about going to CEESA Band because it’s my first time going, but I’m also excited to meet new people and enjoy this wonderful experience,” says Mariana A.

“CEESA Band is a chance for the students to perform with students from other schools, and to collaborate to do a concert,” describes Dr. Taylor. “It is a great experience for our students because they get to be part of a larger group and they get to work together and to make relationships of friendship with students from other schools that have the same interests.”

Through the practices and their journey to CEESA, the students were also able to make friends and take a break from the stress and their school routines. Dr. Taylor adds, “The best part of the rehearsals is just being able to relax, make music and work together.”



Nine students are also going to travel to Warsaw for CEESA Choir after weeks of practice, singing, and having fun.

While having to sing and remember ten songs, the students from Choir also faced difficulties practicing when not all the students were present. However, after a few hours of practicing after school and also on Saturdays, they harmonized and synchronized, just like a great team.

Teodora D., who is in the Soprano 2 section in Choir, describes her favorite part of the practicing experience, “When we all harmonize, it sounds like there’s no more work to do on that song.”

Choir students are also very excited for the learning experience with other directors, but also for meeting students and people with the same passion – singing.

“I am mostly excited for the concert, when we will all be together and sing with our hearts!” says Mara T., Soprano 2.

Here’s a video of moments from the practice sessions and preparation for CEESA:


To watch the Vampires Band and Choir teams live, check out this live stream, which will start on Saturday, from 7 pm.


A special thanks to Dr. Taylor and Mrs. Talos for being there for us and making our dreams come true!