Design teacher George Iordachescu is a self-described “Renaissance man” who has a wide range of interests and passions. Even though he is now a much-loved teacher, he once thought that he would never resume teaching after working as a graphic designer.

What follows is Iordaschescu’s story, in his own words:

“I took a two-year break [from teaching] when I was working as a freelance graphic designer, and that was an amazing experience because, as I was not working for a company I had to learn how to work with clients. Basically, I was on my own, so you know, I needed money. And if I couldn’t find a client on my own, I didn’t have money to survive. So it was a very interesting period because I learned lots about graphic design, and how to approach a client on my own, and I made a lot of mistakes. But, this helped me a lot after that when I had the opportunity to come here to AISB, which I initially rejected a few times.

Some people asked me two or three times if I really wanted to go back to teaching and I took the opportunity when they showed me the program here. This is because I felt like the British system was more restrictive, but over here I saw that it was more practical, so it was about teaching design exactly how to experience it in real life.

So this connection with real life actually made me go back to teaching, so I realized what I knew in my heart—that I love teaching and coaching, and having an impact on somebody’s life. It’s very important to me, it makes me feel fulfilled. But also the fact that I could start the programs and connect them to reality – it was something that really made me go back to teaching.”