Primary teachers often make it possible for kids to gain knowledge. They make small children’s potential possible through what they do and have to deal with.

What follows is three grade 5 teachers at AISB—Shonali Sarkar, Holly East, and Ashley Reinhardt—telling their story of how they came on being a primary teacher in this school and the after-effects of having this job:

Sarkar: “I became a teacher because my mom was a teacher and so when I was younger, I used to always help out around her classroom. I would put up bulletin boards for her, or I would, like, you know, sometimes if I happened to be there when the kids were there, I would read to them, which was something I enjoyed. But actually, I first wanted to become a school counselor. And then on my journey to becoming a counselor, I was told that it would be good for me to be a teacher for a while so that I could get to know, what kids’ school days were like before becoming a counselor. And I still want to become a counselor.”

East: “Well [I wanted to be a teacher] ever since my 4th and 5th grade teacher. They both had a huge impact on me and just helped me so much and kind of inspired me to be one when I was young. I used to pretend we were in a classroom and teach my stuffed animals. So I’ve always had that in me, and I also love kids as well.”

Reinhardt: “A typical day in the life of a teacher would be getting here at around 7:30, making sure you’re ready to go through the day, setting up the schedule, making sure whatever templates you’re printing out are ready to go, and then teaching about 5 blocks a day. Then taking a break while the kids are having their break—even though teachers don’t take the break—they continue working through their breaks. Lunchtime, either we have some duty and if not we are still planning together during our lunchtime. And then going home at around 3:30 to 4 pm and continuing to do more planning and working when you are at home for a little bit as well.”

Sarkar: “I think it’s really rewarding when you see kids kind of light up about things when they’re really passionate, interested or engaged in what you’re doing, and as a teacher, if you are able to bring that out like you know like if you can make learning interesting and engaging and fun and kids want to learn I think that’s really rewarding. I also think it’s really rewarding to see kids grow and develop into human beings you know like the way they change. I think that’s also really rewarding.