One name shines brightly in a world full of countless stories: Grade 4 student Yousef A. His stories are captivating journeys that have left indelible marks on his friends. This is Yousef’s tale of humbleness and compassion for the homeless and adapting to Romania. In his own words, this is Yousef’s story: 

“My biggest achievement is moving to Romania and figuring out what to do in there, and getting used to it. I had a lot [of friends in Qatar] because they actually understand me and we spoke the same language; we had a lot in common. I have a goal on getting more friends at AISB because it is really hard. Because not everyone is like me, because some people don’t understand me. They don’t do the same things as me; some of them play more football than me, some of them do a lot of stuff like playing badminton. 

Most of the things here are, like, hard to understand because some of them are in another language so it’s hard to translate them because some of them only speak Romanian. A lot of people in Qatar like me; most of the school and the grade, because I would help a lot of them with some things and I would become friends with them and play with them in recess. I’d help them with some things in electronics. Maybe they would have a problem with it so I would fix it for them. I hope I can accomplish getting more friends and learning more new things, like getting used to everything. 

I’m not lonely since I have some friends. [Fellow grade 4 student] Calin makes me feel very happy. We have a lot in common, sometimes we literally read each others minds. We do the same things like climbing, we do a lot of challenges together like hide and seek, Bean Boozled and a lot of other things. Calin is a really good friend, but my friends in Qatar just make me really happy. I really miss them and they make me really happy because I always play with them when I was really young, so I feel really good with them and I can trust them with everything. 

Yousef A. traveling to Romania. Photo Submitted.

Something that changed me was probably when we moved to Romania, and I was leaving everyone. I changed a bit, I learned new things about the place, and I had to get used to the school and everyone. I changed because I do different things now; in Qatar I used to do other things than what I do now but now I became better at those things because I learned a bit more. 

I am really grateful [to attend AISB] because some people can’t afford the money to come here; you have to be privileged. This is improving my character a lot. It makes me really grateful because I also want to help other people because they deserve a lot of things that I have. Some of them don’t get to do a lot of things like get food, get a house, and a lot of simple things that everyone has. 

When it was Ramadan, in Qatar, I gave away some of my old clothes to the homeless. It made me really happy for the homeless because they get more items, and I want them to have the same life as me. 

I am really happy because some people don’t get to have this life. Some people are not that privileged to have it. Some people don’t really like their life, and some people get bullied, but most people should be treated the same, equally. 

[I want to be wealthy] because some people live in rot, and some of them don’t even have a house. So I want to be wealthy so I won’t be homeless, and I can buy food and items and resources so I can live a happy life. I would like to donate a lot of money to charity so everyone may have a happy life too, and they can all have a lot of things.”