Simon G. is an 11th-grade student and is a Third Culture Kid who has lived in the United States, Turkey, France, Belgium, and Morocco and is currently living in Bucharest, Romania. He tells the story about the experiences, challenges, and lessons he learned with his move from Colorado to living in Morocco.

What follows is Simon’s story, in his own words:

“My favorite place I have lived is Morocco because one of my passions is to surf so I love to surf there. Well, basically before Morocco, I lived in Colorado. And so the contrast between those two cultures is quite significant. And I learned how to adapt to these two cultures because Colorado is a richer area where I lived, it was somewhat posh. And then I lived in not a very posh area in Morocco. And so I saw lots of people below the poverty line and, yeah, it was a struggle for them. It gave me an appreciation for what I have. 

Photos Provided By Simon

And I also appreciate knowing how to adapt to different cultures now. But in Morocco itself, there was also a very big wealth gap between the people. It was pretty interesting because it would almost be like two different worlds. The wealth gap in Morocco is very large so when I would go to school it would be a bunch of rich, posh Moroccans and then the second I would leave the school it was like a completely different world. It was like a rural area and yeah so it’s like two different worlds and the juxtaposition was very eye-opening. It was eye-opening because you could see how it was weird how some people could be living so well off while some people were struggling so much to make sure they got a meal a day. 

For example, my friend’s dog got kidnapped and it shows how especially after the pandemic there are a lot of people struggling in Morocco. And how they will do anything to get money because we can assume that he sold the dog to get money after this. It’s pretty sad actually because it shows the different classes and the separation between the classes as well as economic discrimination in Morocco.

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Photo’s Provided By Simon

Most of the people at my school were all pretty… no, actually, they didn’t do anything. They realized that they were way more well off than the rest of the people. But they did not do anything to help. And they’re pretty arrogant about how much better off they were than the rest of the population. It was tragic. Seeing this again helped me to appreciate what I have, similar to when I moved to Morocco from Colorado. Seeing the culture change and the wealth gap from Colorado to Morocco but also in Morocco itself, it taught me many lessons that I will use for the rest of my life.”