10th-grade student in AISB Teo. P is trying to work hard to achieve his dream of being an investment banker. When going to a camp (Investin – a camp about business) to gain some experience in this field and learn more about his dreams there are unexpected obstacles he has to overcome.

What follows is Teo’s story, in Teo’s own words:

“So although it sounds like a bit of a weird aspiration or a dream for a little boy to have (wanting to work in the world of finance), whenever I would see, you know, the pictures of, like, the stock market candlestick graphs with the red and the green, I thought that it was so interesting, even though I couldn’t understand anything because I was like eight or nine, I still found it super interesting. And my father, also worked in finance. And I knew I wanted to pursue this since I was young. And so last summer, I decided to get into the world of finance a little bit. I went to an investment banking camp where I learned about the different aspects and sectors of finance, like corporate finance, and also things like the sales and trading floor, which allowed me to get a broader perspective on what it’s actually like to work in this field. And so after this ten day experience, which had a lot of ups but also some downs. . .

Some downs are, for example, like, on the seventh day, unfortunately, one of my colleagues, actually who was also in the investment banking program, overdosed and passed away in his room. And so that kind of hit me a bit harder than I expected and gave me, like, a bad image of that camp. But overall, I managed to get over it and I kept focusing on what I came there for, which is to discover what I want to do as my future career. And so I had to set difficulties aside and look towards my future. And, yeah, it’s helped me discover that I truly do have a passion for finance and it’s what I want to pursue. 

So when we were getting talked to by professional investment bankers who worked at top banks, I kind of observed their vibe (a hectic exciting life) a little bit and the way they live their lives, and I knew that that’s exactly how I want to live my life as well. I want to live my life. I know it sounds a little bit weird but I want constant chaos. I want always something going on. And investment banking is that type of job because it’s a lot of responsibility. And I really like the idea of, for the first few years of my life, climbing up the corporate ladder. It inspired me to work harder, but more specifically study harder, because I knew that that’s the only way I could get there.”