Grade 7 twins Arianna and Emma W have lived in a lot of countries growing up but come originally from Minnesota in the United States. Each of the twins shares their own experiences after living in Bucharest for about three years, giving details about how AISB has positively impacted them.

What follows is Arianna and Emma’s story, in their own words:

Arianna: “With swimming, I have memories of me and Emma swimming. We get along like normal siblings sometimes; we get along pretty well because we can understand each other more than most people can. Emma: Something that makes me happy is, like, a swimming competition I went to with Arianna and some friends in Romania, when I was seven. I mean, we lost, but then our parents told us that it’s ok to lose, and it just helps you succeed better in the future, so that was good.”

Arianna: “A lot of things are crazy in the U.S! like all the different rules, like laws that a lot of people don’t agree with. So in Romania, it’s more calm, and in the US it’s a bit more hectic and chaotic. With schools, it’s very similar, it’s like when I get inside this school I feel like I’m in America because it’s international; there are a lot of people and it’s mostly English-speaking. But, like, when I step outside of school, it’s completely different, it’s Romania and everything is different than how it would be in school, like languages and people. There were many changes that occur from country to country but an obvious one that I noticed is that the American school is more lively and energetic than my previous schools. This was shown by having more color in the school and the teachers and other students being kinder to each other.”

Emma: “Here the people are more international; there’s people from basically every country in the world and then in the public schools there are only countries from that place; I like international people better from different places. Moving here changed me because now I’m more international and I know about more places in the world, which gave me more background information about other places and schools, cause I didn’t use to go to this school when I was living here earlier; I went to three different schools in this country, so I guess it made me new friends and things like that.”