Grade 6 student Azia N., a former elementary student now taking her first steps into teen life, shares her experience of transitioning to the middle school in the Secondary. What follows is her story, in her own words:

“Well, I mean, it’s not a pretty big difference, but the thing is that you—like, everything changes, such as the surroundings. The walls are dark here and there is more light. In elementary there are more colors, but here everything is more plain. I’m guessing because we have to share that space with older [students] and I understand them not wanting the colors and stuff. Also [the elementary school building has], I think, two staircases that I know of. Here they have, like, five, and I always get confused. 

The only thing I was sad to leave behind was my brother. Now he is in second grade. When I was in fifth grade he was in first, and when I was in fourth he was in kindergarten [in the ELC]. When I was in fifth grade it was the only year we could be in the same building, and then I had to move to the next building [this year], so I felt like that was kind of sad because I wanted to check on him. Even if I do get to see him sometimes, like I did today, the thing is I really like being there with him in the same place.”