Originally created by Brandon Stanton in New York, Humans of AISB is a photo blog aimed at bringing communities closer together through the power of identity. It originated from the personal project of a 10th grader, Laila. After creating a book about the stories of the staff at AISB, she got a lot of questions about how people can access the book and continue reading the rest of the stories. Hopefully, this project can bring students and staff closer together. There will be new stories every week ranging from students, staff, faculty, cafeteria workers, and more. We hope you enjoy!


Robert Florea, AISB Security Guard

``I have a small daughter and she is 2 years and 3 months old. I have worked at this school for 12 years but now I know what it means to be a father and that is why I am always very cautious with the children and try to make sure that they are safe. Sometimes parents will call the office very worried and looking for their children. Before it was just a job and I thought they were overreacting, but now I understand how worried they are because if something happened to my daughter, I would be terrified.”

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