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Jennifer Stevens


Before coming to AISB and starting up the school’s newspaper and journalism program, Ms. Stevens was a full-time writer, most recently working as a web editor and restaurant critic in Shanghai. When she’s not teaching or eating (the two things she does most), she’s traveling, cooking, freelancing, taking pictures, or cuddling with her rescue dog, Charlie.

Flora P.

Managing Editor

Flora came to AISB when she was only 9 years old. She is now a sophomore, as well as The Bite’s first official Managing Editor. She spent last year editing copy and writing news articles, and now she’s leading a team of 10th grade copy editors. She loves traveling, learning new things, and not leaving her bed on the weekends.for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

Alex T.

Copy Editor

Alex came to AISB almost 10 years ago. He enjoys drawing, painting, travelling as well as writing. Now a sophomore, Alex spends his time in journalism editing articles for The Bite.

Daria M.

Copy Editor

A sophomore in her second year at AISB, Daria’s aim is to learn and grow as a copy editor. She loves spending rainy days with her cat, Iuki, while reading, eating chocolate, and drinking coffee. 

Altea M.

Staff Writer

Altea came to AISB halfway through 8th grade and is now a sophomore, writing articles for The Bite. She loves spending time with her friends, playing sports, baking, visiting new countries, and playing with her dog, Cocoa. 

Kristina M.

Staff Writer

Kristina came to AISB two years ago. She is now in grade 10 and working as a reporter for The Bite. She spent last year writing her first articles and continued her passion for writing as a reporter. She likes to read, to travel, and loves nature. 

Yoav R.

Staff Writer

Yoav arrived at AISB when he was 11–many years ago. He is now in 10th grade and working on reporting anything interesting revolving around AISB. This is Yoav’s second year working for the Bite. His hobbies include playing sports, watching sports, and thinking about sports.

Nico O.

Staff Writer

Nicolas came to AISB when he was in grade 8. Now he is in Grade 10 and is one of The Bite’s reporters. He likes to play lots of sports, especially tennis, which he plays competitively outside of school.

Eilene K.

Reality Bites Podcast Producer

Eilene is currently a sophomore at AISB and is one of AISB’s resident Asian-food lovers, expressing her love of food by eating both in and out of class. When she’s not eating Asian food (which is almost never), she’s eating non-Asian food, sleeping, studying or binging The Big Bang Theory

Wiebe W.

Reality Bites Podcast Audio Editor

Wiebe came to the American International School of Bucharest just one-and-a-half years ago. He had some experience writing articles last year, and now he’s co-writing, recording and editing the official podcast for The Bite. He likes sports, video games, and food and is looking forward to a year of podcast creation!

Chi Z.

Staff Writer

Chi came to AISB last year and joined The Bite shortly thereafter. She loves eating food and her passion for writing about food is unmatched. She is currently working on new articles in both English and Chinese, and is looking forward to sharing them in the future.

James V.

Staff Writer

James came in brand new this year from Singapore and he supports Arsenal and loves the game of football, whether he be watching it or playing it. He also loves to cycle. So far, he’s enjoying living in the cold for the first time in eight years (even though it isn’t that cold yet).


Staff Writer

Bogdan is only in his second year as an AISB student. He is a staff writer for The Bite and is keen on writing articles that our community can enjoy. Outside of school, Bogdan likes to watch movies and play football.

Chris K.

News Broadcasting Team

Chris came to AISB when he was in 7th grade. Now in the 10th grade, he is a member of the news broadcasting team. He enjoys playing football and meeting with friends outside of school.

Meea S.

News Broadcasting Team

Meea has been a student at AISB for three years. Last year, she wrote articles for The Bite in journalism class and is now part of the broadcasting team, making relevant and funny videos and live transmissions. She loves to do funny edits and produce creative, original content. 

Mara S.

News Broadcasting Team

Mara came to AISB when she was only six years old. Now, in 10th grade, she is a member of The Bite’s news broadcasting team. She enjoys eating and sleeping all day. 

Emma C.

News Broadcasting Team

Emma came to AISB in 8th grade from Qatar and is now a sophomore working for The Bite as part of the news broadcasting team. She loves sleeping in on the weekends and traveling.

Noa D.

News Broadcasting Team

Noa moved to Romania when she was four years old and moved to AISB four years later when she was eight. Her passions are visual arts and watching Netflix.  

Selina L.

Creative Director: Print Magazine

Selina came to AISB when she was only four years old. She is now a sophomore, in charge of the school’s print magazine. This is her first year working on a project of this type, as well as her first time in journalism class. She loves sports, spending time with her friends, chocolate and traveling. 

Ege M.

Reality Bites Podcast Team

Ege came to AISB just two-and-a-half years ago. After being released from the news broadcast team due to “quarrels” in the group, he has become a new member of the Podcast team. Ege likes sports, sleep, and hanging out with his little brother. 

Helena W.

Graphic Designer

Helena came to AISB in 8th grade. Now a sophomore, she is working as one of The Bite’s graphic designers. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and avoiding her responsibilities.

Rachael L.

Graphic Designer/Photographer

Rachael is a new student and a sophomore at AISB. She is a photographer and one of three graphic designers for The Bite. Her favorite thing to do other than art is listening to true crime podcasts and discussing it with friends and classmates. 

Paul S.

Marketing Manager

Paul is a die-hard Chelsea fan. He loves to talk and is a member of the marketing team. His passions are sports and YouTube.

Clara N.

Marketing Manager

Clara came to AISB in kindergarten and is now in 10th grade. She loves planning events and working as best as she can to accomplish the tasks she planned. In her free time she likes to go out with her friends, practice a variety of sports and obsessively watch Friends. 

Yohan C.

Web Designer

Yohan came to AISB in 2018 from Seoul. This is his first official year as a web designer with his partner Antonio, managing technical events, issues, and development. Most of his projects are related to other group’s projects. He likes to play video games, listen to music, and sleep.

Antonio C.

Web Designer

Antonio is in 10th grade and is a member of The Bite’s web design team. This is his first year being part of the web designing team with his partner Yohan and they will be managing the technical side of the website. Outside of school, he loves taking photos, staying indoors playing video games and sleeping.