On Saturday, May 18th, from 11am to 2pm, International Day will take place at AISB, outside the elementary and secondary school buildings.

Margritha Hofman, the Service Coordinator and Event Organizer, says that this is an event she looks forward to every year—a time “when all the different nationalities at school showcase their [delicious!] food.”

What it looks like

International Day is a tradition which first began a few years after the school was founded. Every year, tents house stations of many different countries who serve diverse dishes, ranging from French crepes to Chinese noodles.

Younger students will have the opportunity to purchase a piece of paper dubbed a “passport”, with which they collect “stamps” from every nation. If they collect all the stamps, they can earn a small prize.

In the gazebo, students and staff will also be playing live music throughout the event. If you are interested in performing, you can contact Margritha Hofman (mhofman@aisb.ro).

Furthermore, other activities will occur as well. Specifically:

  • A flag parade will take place. During this even, the youngest and oldest members of every nationality will march across the courtyard, carrying the flag of their countries.
  • The PTO will host a raffle. In this raffle, participants can earn small prizes.
  • There will potentially be a National Costume Fashion show. In fact, all people are encouraged to come wearing traditional clothing. In order to get involved, you can meet at 11:00 near the ES office.
  • Service Learning groups will be fundraising for their charity. Students from different Service Learning groups, such as Hospice and Casa Ioana, will be lined up outside the Secondary School building, selling services and advocating their work.

Have you been to International day before? What was your favorite dish at the event? Let us know in the comments!