Good Samaritan’s Day (today) is a holiday that takes place on the 13th of March annually, and it is primarily celebrated in the US, though not by many people. While there are too many “days” to celebrate different things (over 1,200 to be specific), this is one that probably needs a little bit more recognition.

Good Samaritan’s Day came to be after the tragic death of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, who was murdered near her home on the same date in 1964, in New York City. The reasoning behind naming that day “Good Samaritan’s Day” is that if one considerate person had stepped forward and called the police, she would still be alive. It is a good message, considering the fact that the killer was interrupted two times (both interruptions were witnessed) before a third attempt when someone finally called the police. This story displayed an apparent need for more good “Samaritans.” Thus, the day was deemed “Good Samaritan’s Day.” Despite the rather dark origin, Good Samaritan’s Day is all about showing kindness, being generous, and helping other people.

One of the best things about Good Samaritan’s Day is that anybody can participate. One of AISB’s High School Counselor, Tim Battersby says, “I think that everyone, or most humans, have the capacity to help out,” and this is completely true. There is nothing that holds anybody back from being a kind, caring, and an all-around good person. The main issue is that many people are uninformed about Good Samaritan’s Day and about what they can do to be a more caring person.

Here are some suggestions from Mr. Battersby on how students can be kinder this March 13th:

Recognise and be appreciative of your friends

“…just simple little things like, you know, appreciating you as my friend…” – Battersby

Too many people are too busy running around living their day-to-day lives with copious amounts of stress. Good Samaritan’s Day gives people the opportunity to slow down and really appreciate all the good things and people that exist in their lives. Expressing to those close to you how they make your life better will make you happier as well as the people around you. It’s a simple, yet effective way of showing kindness and celebrating this under-celebrated day.


Be thankful

“…saying thanks to your mum for driving you to school, or saying thanks to someone who might have helped you out with your homework, or just sort of recognizing, I think that’s really…important, and we don’t do enough of [it]…” – Battersby

One very simple thing that we as humans don’t do enough is say, “thank you.” The result of this is that good deeds done by others go by unappreciated, thus making them less likely to keep doing them. So, in order to keep kindness and courtesy alive, we need to be thankful for the good things that happen to us. We all have someone or something that we are thankful for. Make sure that they know that you are thankful.


Be genuine

“I think things that are genuine are better…” – Battersby

“Have you ever seen someone who is trying to act, or trying to sing? You wish they would stop. An actor should not try to act. Actors should be whom they portray. One who tries to sing is very conscious of his singing and the attempt looks quite embarrassing.” – Dr. Adizes

While it is important to perform good deeds whenever possible (not just March 13th), it is even more important that these good deeds are genuine and to make sure that we are not forcing ourselves to say or do things that we don’t fully believe in. Most people can tell when they are receiving a fake compliment, and that can turn a fun and enjoyable day into one that is rather upsetting. So make sure to be genuine in your approach to this special day.


Once again, Good Samaritan’s Day is a day that encourages people to perform good deeds, show appreciation, and help out whenever possible. It is extremely under-promoted, which is why it is even more necessary to celebrate. Everybody has the capability to be a Good Samaritan. Just remember to be kind, be genuine, and most importantly, enjoy Good Samaritan’s Day!