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Are you someone who enjoys expressing themselves through art? Have you ever taken photography up as a hobby? Do you happen to be in need of a new polaroid camera?

If so, we welcome you to join our 2018 Photography Contest!

The theme: Building your own aesthetic through color and representing yourself through this one image. It can be an artistic image, a sports shot, a picture of your pets, a nature still, a closeup of your food, or anything else that expresses who you are as an individual.


The prize: Drumroll… A brand new White Fujifilm Instax polaroid camera! Printing your photos is great way of keeping your memories, so we’re very excited for whoever’s photo wins. The Bite will also feature your image on the website for the community to admire!

The deadline for submitting your photo is May 22nd.  Afterwards, the voting system on thebite.aisb.ro will be launched on May 23rd. You will have until May 27th to cast your votes for your favorite photo.


The Rules:

  1. 1 photo submitted per person.
  2. Photos of people (including yourself) are not allowed.
  3. Submit photo at thebiteaisb@gmail.com in order to be eligible.

We hope to see all of your wonderful photos soon. Good luck!